7 Morning Habits

7 Morning Habits
15 de October de 2019 Tahone Jacobs

1- Wake up early

It’s the best way to start the day! Waking up early helps you be more productive and feel less stressed, so you can organize your day calmly ahead of time. There’s nothing worse than waking up startled by your alarm.

Tip: Choose a pleasant alarm.


2- Breathe, stretch and meditate

In order to start your day relaxed, it is quite important that you give yourself time to breathe calmly, meditate and stretch. By dedicating this small amount of time in the morning, you’ll be able to energize yourself and face any kind of situation that comes your way.

Tip: Spend 1 minute doing 7 breaths, inhaling for 5 seconds and exhaling for 6.


3 – Move

Morning exercise improves blood flow to your brain, increasing productivity and performance throughout the day.

Whether it’s 15 or 30 minutes of exercise, the idea is to move your body and leave laziness behind!

4 – Don’t skip breakfast. Ever.

We all know this, but… when we’re in a rush, we skip breakfast. Make time for breakfast during your morning, nutrition is the first step to well-being.


5 – Prepare your day in advance

Making too many stressful decisions in the morning can drain your energy. Look for ways to automate some decisions, such as choosing your clothes, preparing your gym bag or making lunch the day before.

Tip: We take it to the next level, and recommend avoiding social networks in the morning… you can check them later in the day.


6 – Priorities. Yes, priorities.

Choose a few priorities for your day and you will see that you can be more productive. Start with questions like: What do I want to do today? How do I want to feel today? What would I like to avoid today?

Tip: It may help to write them down.


7 – Stay positive!

Attitude plays an important role in our day. Deciding yes! – I am going to have a good day – is the key to a good start in the morning. Unexpected events may arise, but you can’t control everything.

As Sartre said, “Man is free in a given situation and through that situation he chooses what he will be.”


So, how are you going to start tomorrow?


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