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  • Jan212020

    Paraben-free cosmetics: all the answers

    After reading the article by Catarina Alves on the ‘Ellas Hablan‘ (‘Women Talk’) website, we wanted to share all aspects…

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  • Jan142020

    Wellness tips to do in winter in Germany

    If you don’t like to travel in the winter, after reading this post you might change your mind. Apart from…

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  • Dec172019
    Per Purr Cosmetica Natural

    Christmas gifts

    Hearing that Christmas has become more commercial because of the gifts is a common cliché. But we bet that if…

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  • Nov192019
    Winter skincare

    Winter skincare tips

    The winter is coming and with it the winds and (very) dry air. Your skin is one of the first…

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  • Nov122019
    all about skin

    What’s your skin type?

    To know your skin type, the first thing is to understand how it is formed.   The skin is an…

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  • Nov052019

    Sense of Smell

    The most common feedback we hear about our products at PerPurr is “they smell so good!” We hear that a…

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  • Oct152019

    7 Morning Habits

    1- Wake up early It’s the best way to start the day! Waking up early helps you be more productive…

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  • Oct012019

    Dry brushing: why you ‘must’ do it

    Do you need some reasons to start? Here you have them: It helps eliminate the “trash”. The idea behind dry…

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  • Feb282017


    This fruit tree grows mainly in African countries, such as Côte d’Ivoire, Mali and Sudan. Its much-loved butter is extracted…

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  • Jan122017

    Ácido retinoico: iluminador de pieles

      Retinoic acid is a form of provitamin A and its effects vary according to the concentration and the type…

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