• Dec202021
    Pack Relax

    Huyendo del estrés y buscando paz mental

    Nuestras vidas se han convertido en un agenda continua en la búsqueda de soluciones para todas nuestras necesidades diarias. El…

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  • Jan192021

    Aromatherapy and its Benefits

    AROMATHERAPY & ITS BENEFITS At Per Purr, the feedback we hear most often about our products is “they smell so…

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  • Jan052021

    Anxiety and Mindfulness

    Anxiety and Mindfulness One of the things I learned during lockdown, which I still do today, is to stop to…

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  • Oct212020

    Why animal friendly?

    There is a lot of talk about the benefits of growing up and living with an animal. We’ll be talking…

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  • Oct142020
    kalina juzwiak blog per purr

    Being a woman and an entrepreneur

    To be an entrepreneur is a challenge by itself. And it’s not one of the little ones. Most of the…

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  • Aug262020

    Why CBD?

    There’s a lot of talk of a “new” ingredient in the cosmetics industry and its benefits. But in fact, there…

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  • Aug052020

    The beauty of everyday things

    The beauty of everyday things We live in an era in which, most of the time, we turn the focus…

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  • Jul052020

    How did the Covid-19 improved my acne skin?

    I believe that all of us, in the midst of the chaos and months of confinement and seclusion, experience different…

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  • Jun092020

    What is ‘being healthy’ in 2020?

    There is no shortage of theories about what it means to be healthy or to take care of your health…

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  • May202020

    The Good Thing About Music

    If we had to choose a partner for life, one who brings to mind moments from our childhood, who makes…

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