• Jul292020

    Fact and Fiction on hair straightening

    Here many of you are already wondering what Per Purr, a natural cosmetics brand, is doing, talking about hair straightening?…

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  • Jun232020

    Love the skin you are in!

    When we speak of love, we usually refer to a contradicting unity of two. But two people? No, we want…

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  • Feb112020
    Facial Per Purr

    MUFAs, what are they?

    Since the launch of our Orange & Ginger Facial Oil, we have talked a lot about MUFAs. But what are…

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  • Dec172019
    Per Purr Cosmetica Natural

    Christmas gifts

    Hearing that Christmas has become more commercial because of the gifts is a common cliché. But we bet that if…

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  • Sep162015


    This time of year, in pharmacies, perfume shops and supermarkets, we see the displays for a bigger and bigger collection…

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  • Sep092015

    3, 2, 1… ACTION!

    Dear visitors of our new Per Purr website and blog, This is Tahone, co-founder of the brand. For those of…

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