vida sana

  • Dec202021
    Pack Relax

    Huyendo del estrés y buscando paz mental

    Nuestras vidas se han convertido en un agenda continua en la búsqueda de soluciones para todas nuestras necesidades diarias. El…

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  • Dec182020

    Cacao: Great for your skin and delicious as well

    Cacao: Great for your skin and delicious as well Chocolate isn’t just delicious, it’s also very good for your skin.…

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  • Nov032020

    Shampoos without sodium lauryl sulfate don’t produce foam?

    Is it true that shampoos without sodium lauryl sulfate don’t produce foam?   SLS has been used as an ingredient…

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  • Oct292020

    What is psoriasis?

    What is psoriasis? Psoriasis is a non-contagious dermatological condition that causes skin cells to multiply much faster than they should.…

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  • Sep302020

    Visit Portugal

    Which cities should you visit In Portugal? Now that Per Purr is arriving in Portugal, here are a number of…

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  • Jul222020

    Things I’ve learned in 2020

    I remember last December 31st, just before the start of the San Silvestre Vallecana race in Madrid, 10 km away…

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  • Jun162020

    Frankincense Essential Oil and its benefits

    Sold throughout Arabia for over 6,000 years, Olibanum, or more commonly known as frankincense, came to be considered even more…

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  • Apr232020

    April 23th – International Book’s Day

    There are hundreds of initiatives to promote free reading (such as book interchanging) and we find them all formidable, but…

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  • Apr092020

    Mens sana in corpore sano

    It is no secret that practicing sport is one the best activities we can do. The list of physical benefits…

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  • Apr072020

    SOAP vs COVID-19

    We want to share with you this article that seems fundamental to understand why maintaining good hygiene is so important,…

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