Hair Fall

Hair Fall
5 de December de 2016 Tahone Jacobs

You’ve already realized that sometimes your hair falls out a lot, and not just a few hairs a day. There is quite a bit of hair in your hairbrush, on your pillowcase in the morning, and every day in the shower.

You probably haven’t even realized when, over the course of the year, this usually occurs. Some people experience hair loss sporadically, but for most, the end of Summer and beginning of Fall is when it is most likely to happen.

Your hair was flowing and gorgeous in Summer, and now it is falling out and losing its sheen. Don’t worry, it’s pretty common! Hair also has cycles. It prepares itself for Winter, not unlike trees changing leaves.

In Spring, everything is reborn again. Your hair grows at a faster rate and might even be a bit difficult to tame. Summer rolls around and your mane is in better shape than ever.

Does this sound familiar? If you think that your hair loss could be due to hormonal changes, please see a professional that can provide testing and treatment.

There are supplements that can help you with your problem – both to prevent and treat it. You can try a type of nutritional cosmetic, which contains essential vitamins and minerals in order to care for your hair.

Not everyone loves supplements, so we also offer treatments such as hair masks that can be applied at both beauty salons and at home.

Try this easy to apply at-home treatment that works like a charm: mix a tablespoon of virgin coconut oil with a heaping tablespoon of virgin olive oil and 10 drops of essential rosemary oil. Apply to scalp, massage, and allow it to condition your hair for 30 minutes, wrapped with a warm damp towel. Rinse and wash as you would normally. Repeat once a week.

To keep your hair soft and shiny we recommend our line of hair products. They are sulfate, paraben, silicon, and mineral oil free. They are made with rich plant oils, essential oils, and amino acids. Buy them here.


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