Learn to clean your skin with oils!

Learn to clean your skin with oils!
22 de February de 2016 Tahone Jacobs


It’s sounds crazy, right? How can you clean your skin by using oily products?

And you wouldn’t dare to remove your eye makeup with any oil, even if you are addicted to waterproof eye makeup. Oil has always been thought of as “the enemy” of our face, thus resulting in thousands of “oil-free” products on the market.

We’d like to fill you in and demystify this topic that causes so much dispute. First and foremost, yes, you can use facial oils! But, (obviously there is a ‘but’) you have to consider your skin type and frequency of use.

If you have dry skin, you can use these oils on a daily basis. If you have normal skin, use them two or three times a week.

For oily skin, cleansing with oils can be used as weekly ‘maintenance’ or when your skin needs a shock treatment. For example, after a night of partying with heavy makeup.

Another important point is what oil can or should I use? Always use plant and essential oils, never mineral oils. Now you might be thinking, what’s wrong with mineral oils? Which oils are mineral based and which are plant based?


Mineral oils are those that we used to moisturize babies; they are not bad or toxic, they just are not suitable for adult skin.

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These oils are used to protect babies’ skin, especially from urine and other agents that can irritate their skin. Mineral oils are not absorbed through the skin, they form a protective barrier to prevent damage. Instead we want all the benefits of oils, in this case plant oil, to nourish our skin and let it breathe, not to clog it, which could even lead to acne.


Once all doubts are cleared we will share with you the perfect oil for a good facial cleanser, here’s “Grandma’s recipe”:




  1. a small bottle for mixing
  2. extra virgin olive oil
  3. castor oil
  4. essential tea tree oil (optional)


Mix equal parts olive and castor oil in the bottle. Add two or three drops of essential tea tree oil, which is very effective due to its antibacterial and healing properties. Shake the contents well.


How to apply it: Apply in a circular motion for a few seconds, to enhance the cleansing effect. Another trick is to use cotton pads soaked in warm water and leave them on your skin for about a minute.


With the same cotton pads you can remove the oil from your face, always with circular movements. Dry your face with a soft towel and apply a tonic if needed.


This mixture is perfect for removing makeup, and in addition to being efficient, it’s 100% natural. If you have oily skin you can use it daily to remove makeup as long as you finish washing your skin well with a sudsy cleanser.


You will notice with this treatment that your skin will stop being sad and dull. It’s important to consider your skin type and use the right plant oils.



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