Premium Soap

What do you really know about your everyday soap?

So, count to ten: if we shower every day it couldn’t hurt to pay a little more attention to what we apply to our skin while the water drips down our body during a pleasant shower.

Yes, it’s hard to admit: we know so little about our every day soap. That might by why we don’t give it the importance it deserves and it reality, the importance it holds. What a shame, to think about those “modern” soaps, adulterated and orphaned from glycerin, slipping over our skin…

Just like good literature is timeless and universal, the bar of soap is a classic and should always be present on everyone’s bathroom shelves in a proper bathroom.



Here at Per Purr, at no additional cost and with only good intentions, we like to remember that soap doesn’t just clean, it also is the basis for proper skin nutrition, preparing it to receive other nutrients that are provided by the rest of cosmetics, under ideal conditions. If you think rationally, it’s like putting the cart before the horse. Who would do something like that?

So, why are we leaving bar of soap and our skin behind? If our grandmothers and mothers scrubbed their skin with a smooth and nutrient-rich bar of soap, they must have had a good reason, right? And who are we to disobey our mothers?