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  • gel de ducha herbal para todo tipo de piel

    Herbal Shower Gel

    With lemongrass essential oil and a combination of exotic verbena from the islands of Java and Haiti, these ingredients transport us to Indonesian and Caribbean beaches. Ideal for all skin types, this shower gel has a refreshing, toning effect on the body, leaving skin clean, nourished, and hydrated. It is perfect both to start the day with one of those showers that puts a smile on our face, as well as for a relaxing finish to the day. Biological Technology Natural plant-based cleaning agents (surfactants) that are effective and delicate at the same time. The lack of sulphates in this shower gel is not synonymous with a lack of lather, but rather the contrary. The technology used means that this product produces an extraordinary, dense lather, surpassing even the lather you see with shower gels with sulphates. The result is spectacular! Innovative multi-functional “non-preservative preservative” system. Our protection system is completely free of the typical preservatives and biocides. Using multi-functional agents derived from coconut, we achieve excellent efficacy against fungus and bacteria. These agents also provide hydration, conditioning, and softness, making this product perfect for adults and babies. 250 ml