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  • Champú Arcilla Per Purr

    Sea Clay Shampoo

    Per Purr Sea Clay Shampoo is purifying and offers a deep clean. It is perfect for fine, normal, and oily hair. Its incredible clean scent comes from the clay itself and leaves a feeling of purity. Sea clay is a super-soft exfoliant and sebum regulator that traps dirt and excess oil, stimulating and purifying from the scalp to the ends, leaving your hair truly clean and residue-free. Biological Technology Natural plant-based cleaning agents (surfactants) that are effective and delicate at the same time. The lack of sulphates in this shampoo is not synonymous with a lack of lather, but rather the contrary. The technology used means that this shampoo produces an extraordinary, dense lather, surpassing even the lather you can achieve with shampoos with sulphates. The result is spectacular! An innovative, multi-functional preservative system. Our protection system is completely free of the typical preservatives and biocides. Through multi-functional agents derived from coconut, we have achieved excellent efficacy against fungus and bacteria, while providing hydration, conditioning, and softness. A derivative of coconut that, in addition to preserving the product from microorganisms, also moisturizes and conditions the hair.   250 ml.