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    Orange & Ginger Facial Oil-Serum

    The composition of this facial oil is very particular, since it also provides the properties of a mattifying product. This is due to its high content (80%) of MUFAs + ceramides, monounsaturated fatty acids (specifically,  gadoleic acid and erucic acid) that mimic skin lipids and provide moisturizing properties.   Its use is recommended for both combination and oily skin, as it balances out your skin’s pH. It helps improve the appearance of mature skin through deep hydration by regulating sebaceous secretions.   The woody smell comes from ginger essential oil, which helps prevent wrinkles, acne, and evens out skin tone.   Other functions: Skin primer Restores your skin’s elasticity It brightens skin and provides luminosity It helps shrink pores Has a mattifying effect It can be used as after shave 15 ml.