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  • Nov102020

    Who and why you should use natural cosmetics

    On one summer day, a friend took an industrial brand deodorant spray out of her bag and used it. As I…

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  • Sep302020

    Visit Portugal

    Which cities should you visit In Portugal? Now that Per Purr is arriving in Portugal, here are a number of…

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  • Apr132020

    The “PURREST” side of Per Purr

    Revered as divinities or repudiated as a symbol of evil. The truth is that the story of our dear cats…

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  • Feb112020
    Facial Per Purr

    MUFAs, what are they?

    Since the launch of our Orange & Ginger Facial Oil, we have talked a lot about MUFAs. But what are…

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  • Jan212020

    Paraben-free cosmetics: all the answers

    After reading the article by Catarina Alves on the ‘Ellas Hablan‘ (‘Women Talk’) website, we wanted to share all aspects…

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  • Nov192019
    Winter skincare

    Winter skincare tips

    The winter is coming and with it the winds and (very) dry air. Your skin is one of the first…

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  • Feb022016

    Neck Alert!

    The fact that women spend so much money on expensive cosmetics does not mean that they get the most out…

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  • Feb012016

    Product Review by Northern Style Exposure

    Back to my beauty blogging ways today with my first organic beauty post of 2016! Let me introduced a product…

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  • Oct142015


    Clays have a wide range of properties and colors that vary according to their mineral composition. What they all have…

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  • Sep302015


    Speaking of healthy skin, we know there are many steps: diet, protection, hydration, etc., but what many people forget, or…

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